I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and later adopted Chicago, Illinois, while I completed my BFA at Columbia College Chicago. I currently live and work in Kansas City, Missouri with my family. In addition to painting, I am a full-time museum professional and co-own Monarch Coffee.

My work is an exploration of a candy-colored, abstract dream-world, inspired by natural organisms, and informed by an intuitive sense of color and space. Filled with geometric structures, masses of dots, and washes of paint, I view the elements in my work as living organisms, painted inhabitants, pulsing and moving throughout multiple picture planes. Some paintings provide a cosmic view into this imagined world, whereas others present a microscopic perspective–zooming in to show fictitious atomic activity.

As my paintings examine a constructed cosmos, I too examine the artist’s role in the ongoing formation of the world and the innate human desire to contribute creative energy to a universal continuum.

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